Term dictionary

We try not to talk in code, but once in a while we get a bit too technical.

Data dashboard

Dashboards provide a flexible layout for your data exploration. You will have a multi-page canvas (landscape or vertical A4) where you have full control over the layout. You will be able to cross-filter the entire canvas accross any widgets which share a common data source. Take a look at an example dashboard here.

Data story

Data stories allow you to go into a specific story line within the data without the reader having to drill the data on their own. In a visually attractive and intuitive way you will be able to explain a topic through graphs, maps, charts and text and the reader will have it presented in the form of a story or article. Take a look at a example data story here. You can share the created content by embedding, sharing a full story as a URL link or we will convert it into a video for you.

DB Console

The Database Console is a place where you can run selects on the raw data set.

Duplicate Step / Remove Step

Read the definition of a "Step" below (an element within one section of a data story). The Duplicate / Remove step buttons are located at the top of the Section.

Add Notification

Within a Section you can add Steps (which are mutations of the section's base graph - a different filter / zoom etc.) or Notifications. Notifications are explainers, into which you can add text as well as calculated values.


Is one page / row in a Data Story. You will find the Add Section button at the botom of the Data Story. A section can be Text, Graph, Map etc.

Share Section

Within TellStory you are not only able to share the entire Data Story as a generated HTML webpage, but you can also embed elements from your story into your own webpage / article. You can use this Share button on the Section you want to embed.


The step is an element within one section of a data story. This allows you to take one section and as the user scrolls the various zooms / filters of the widget you have added are presented to the reader in "Steps".


An element you can add to a story or dashboard canvas. The widget can be: text, image, chart, map, calculated value, explainer etc. You get the point. Learn all about how to configure widgets here.